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The Pioneer Academy (TPA) is an academy trust with schools across South East London, Kent, Surrey and Sussex.  All our schools, ranging from small infant schools to large primary schools, work collaboratively, sharing resources and expertise. 

We offer excellent career opportunities, personalised induction, high quality professional training and coaching for all staff throughout their entire careers, from bespoke ECT training to accredited middle and senior leadership programmes.   

Our staff work together in partnership, sharing expertise and supporting one another, to ensure excellence within our trust, as well as reducing workload and actively supporting staff well-being.  This is accompanied by a deep culture of coaching and self-development to ensure that everyone reaches their full potential. 

As a growing multi-academy trust, The Pioneer Academy is always seeking to recruit talented professionals who share our moral purpose.  If The Pioneer Academy's motto – "Safe - Happy - Learning" – resonates with your own values and beliefs, we would be interested in hearing from you.  

If you are interested in pursuing a career with The Pioneer Academy, contact our recruitment team:

Tel: 01689 283121

Email: recruitment@thepioneeracademy.co.uk



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