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The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012

  1. School Contact Details:   

Chatsworth Infant School

Burnt Oak Lane,



DA15 9DD.

Telephone: 0208 300 9295.

  1.     Name of member of staff who deals with general enquiries: Aimee Woodman/Tracey Mckenzie.  She will then direct to the appropriate person.

Name of Head of School: Mr I McManus

Name and email address for Chair of School Board: Ms L Lynch (head@bjs.bexley.sch.uk )
Name and contact details for SENDCo: Mrs V Harbor (senco@chatsworth.bexley.sch.uk)

Name Address and telephone number for The Pioneer Academy:

The Pioneer Academy

2nd Floor, 1 Leonard Place Business Centre

Westerham Road



Telephone: 01689 283121

  1. Admissions Arrangements: Admissions to the school are determined by Bexley local authority.  Information on admissions can be found on the Bexley website here.   A copy of our Admissions Policy and Appeals can be found here
  2. OFSTED:   The most recent OFSTED report for the school may be downloaded from here
  3. Performance Tables:   School performance tables can be accessed here
  4. Curriculum:   Information about the school curriculum can be found under here on the school website.  Additional information is available either from class teachers or, the Head Teacher.  We use a mixed book scheme which is banded for readability.
  5. Behaviour Policy:   Information about the school Behaviour Policy, Discipline and anti-bullying statements can be found here.
  6. Pupil premium:   In 2020-2021 the pupil premium grant for Chatsworth Infant School was £7,285. This allocation will be spent in line with the school’s published policy statement which can be found here with further information about the impact of expenditure so far. 
  7. PE and Sports Premium:   To see details about our funding allocation; how we have spent this and the difference it has made here
  8. Special Educational Needs & Disabilities:   Detailed information about the School Offer, including policy and provision for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities can be found in the Special Educational Needs and Disability and the Inclusion Policies on the school website.
  9. Equality Objectives: Detailed information about how the school complies with the public sector equality duty as well as the school’s equality objectives can be found here
  10. Complaints Policy: The school’s current Complaints Policy can be found by following on the Policies  pages of the school website. The report of the number of formal complaints received at Chatsworth Infant School during 2019-2020 can be found here 
  11.  Reports and accounts: The Annual report and Accounts for The Pioneer Academy can be found by following this link here
  12. Trustees’ information and duties: Information regarding the Trust Board can be found here
  13. Charging and Remissions Policy:  The Trust’s current Charging and Remissions Policy can be found by following this link:  here
  14. Statement of ethos and values:  Please look on our vision and mantra webpage to see our values and ethos statement.
  15. A paper copy of the school website information can be obtained free of charge via the school office.  Please contact admin@chatsworth.bexley.sch.uk to request a copy.


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