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Physical Education

From September 13 schools received extra sports funding through the Sports Pupil Premium.  In our school this will amount to £9435 (2014/15).  We use this money in a number of ways to improve the profile and standard of sport and physical activity in our school.  Predominantly this is the employment of a full time sports specialist to teach all children in our school.

With a full time specialist P.E. teacher at Belvedere, we deliver real skills to all abilities. P.E. training is a system of progressive exercise and instruction aimed at developing fundamental motor abilities, balance, co-ordination and ultimately complete control of body movement. We want our pupils to move with competence and to develop the desire to participate in all sport and physical activity. All pupils whatever their ability, age, size, shape or aspiration can improve their fundamental movement ability and build the foundations on which future sporting performance is based.

P.E. provides pupils with learning opportunities through the medium of movement and contributes to their overall development by helping them to lead full, active and healthy lives. The P.E. curriculum provides a balanced range of activities (athletics, games, dance, swimming and many more) for pupils and all pupils will enjoy the variety, challenge and the performance improvements that this training provides.  We also offer a range of extra curricular P.E. clubs and are proud to participate in the annual Pioneer Schools Sports Day.

The impact of the Sports Premium funding in our school is significant.  The quality of P.E. taught in the school is of a consistently high standard meaning the children are receiving a better sporting education.  We also now have a greater number of children taking part in extra curricular clubs and we are currently investigating ways to broaden the variety of sports that we offer.