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Art / Design and Technology

All pupils are getting creative at Belvedere Junior School!

Art is now being taught by our specialist art teacher Mrs Mistry. All lessons allow children the opportunity to explore art and design by using a range of different mediums, such as painting, sculpture, collage and much more!

Pupils will also learn about various artists, begin to evaluate their work with a critical eye, then apply this to their own art work. The lessons are linked to the IPC and will enable learners to use their imaginations and gain new creative skills, which they can use in other areas of their lives.

Cave Paintings - Year 4

In art, year 4 have been learning about cave paintings and how they were created.

The colour used to create cave paintings were produced with natural materials.

Year 4 explored our school grounds and made their own natural colours by rubbing, squeezing and mixing leaves, berries and fruits.


Clay plaques - Year 6

Year 6 have been looking at art work from different time periods. The art work we have explored are Egyptian Tomb Stone paintings, Bayeux Tapestries and Roman Mosaics.

We chose our favourite type of art and designed our own version with clay.

Our plaques were created by carving and indenting intricate patterns, shapes and designs onto the clay.

Once our designs have dried, we will paint them with colours influenced by these historical art pieces.