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Isle of Wight Trip 2018

Please check these pages to read about our Isle of Wight Trip 2018


We’ve finally arrived here after a 3-4 hour drive. First of all we went to Amazon World and we saw a wide range of animals such as Capybaras, Blue Macaws and Armadillos. We arrived at the hotel and unpacked but Miss Wheble struggled to bring her bag to her room. After we had unpacked we had an AMAZING dinner before Mr Lo-Pon deafened us all singing happy birthday to Ramatulaye. Then we headed to the beach. We spent some time playing in the sea and playing football before heading back to the hotel. We came back and had a well- ​deserved shower then headed straight to bed.


What a fantastic day! After a wonderful sleep we spent our morning at the park where we played games and got very dizzy on the roundabout.  This gave Mr Lo Pon an chance to show off his skills in the gym. After that we headed to Monkey Haven to find out the stories of some of the monkies they look after. We met some very cheeky Gibbons and Capuchins.  Finally we had an early dinner then went to a theatre show where everyone danced their socks off and tired themselves (some didn't even make it through the show!). We are now looking forward to our beds!


Our hearts have melted today! Not just because of the hot sun! This morning poor Chloe was woken by the dulcet tones of all the teachers singing her happy birthday! We visited the Donkey Sanctuary and we made a few furry friends over there including Bugsbee, Jackie and Jim-Bob. We got to walk Shetland ponies and some of us had a competition to race them. Mr. Lo Pon proudly gave the sanctuary the cheque from last years fundraising to help support the donkeys. 

After lunch, we headed to Alum Bay where after a long trek we got on a boat to sail around The Needles. We had a very special moment when we had a visit from a dolphin. 

Finally, after dinner, we had some games at the beach, buried ourselves in sand and happily came back to the hotel to rest our sandy heads. 


What a "hoot" of a day, rainy but "hoot". Miss Sanchez bravely risked her life at the Owl Sanctuary letting a Harris Hoak fly in between her arms. After we headed to Robin Hill to have some fun. We played football against another school, went on the slides and zipped down the toboggan . Finally we sat to have our last dinner and threw some shapes on the dance floor. 


After the earliest of starts, we packed up all our belongings and bid farewell to the hotel staff to make the long journey home to Belvedere. Whilst some teachers took a well deserved nap, others challenged Logan to a much anticipated Chess match.