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Day 4- Robin Hill Country Park

They are all up, fed and ready for a big day ahead. Last year Robin Hill was Mrs. Lomax's personal highlight of the trip and the children are spending all day there! Keep an eye out for the pictures as there are sure to be some good ones!

It is Grace's Birthday so we all hope she has a fantastic day. She has certainly dressed for the occassion!

Happy Birthday Grace.

Day 4- Update

Day 4 of Isle of Wight Journey was a special day because it was Grace’s birthday! Grace was woken up by the adults in spectacular fashion (all of them singing Stevie Wonder’s 'Happy Birthday' – badly) and was treated like a princess by everyone all day!

The weather unfortunately finally took a bit of a dip today and after a rousing speech by Mr Hamilton on ‘sun safety’ and how to be ‘sun smart’ the sun took a holiday behind the clouds for the morning. Nevertheless, we pressed on to our first stop, Amazon World. Here we saw Giant Anteaters, Ocelots, Toucans, Penguins and more! We even got to feed some amazing wallabies out of our hands and had lemurs jumping on our heads! What an experience!

After Amazon World we quickly jumped on the coach and headed to Robin Hill. The sun was still hiding away at this point and everyone was getting a little bit chilly so we decided to warm up by going to Robin Hill’s very own 4D experience which was a huge hit with everyone. After that we proceeded to head down to the field to have some free time. Some of us went on the famed toboggan ride (or ‘togoggan’ if you’re Patrick), went on an amazing playground or joined in with a huge football match organised by Mr Lo-Pon. The football match was high stakes – 40 press ups on the line – between Mr Lo-Pon , Joy and Ambassador, but after a long hot game the final score was 7 – 5 Mr Lo-Pon’s way. After our free time we headed out of Robin Hill but not before heading up the Squirrel Climb where Miss Wheble managed to get herself a bit caught up!

Finally to finish off our day we had a hugely successful disco night where everyone boogied the night away in their disco finest! The students had a huge surprise when Miss Hyde (now known as Mrs Rackett) dropped by for a visit and to show us her dance moves. By the end of the night a few of us (Prince and co) were more sweat than person but everyone had a beautiful wide smile plastered across their face as they went to bed and I’m sure a lot of lovely memories were made throughout the day.