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Welcome to the Year 2 Home Learning Page

On this page you will find ideas and resources for home learning. Please check in regularly for new udates.

We understand that some families do not have access to a printer, but there is also a range of suggestions for practical activities that do not require paper and pencil as well as many e-learning links for children to complete directly onto their tablet or computer. 

There is no expectation to complete everything that is provided, just choose what suits your child and your home resources the best. 

Staying Safe Online

Please be vigilant when  your children are accessing the internet for pleasure or for learning. Ensure parent controls are enabled as appropriate and please talk to your children about how to keep themselves safe and how to use the internet appropriately. 

There is a lot of information to be found at Internet Matters and at Thinkuknow

Watch the Jessie and Friends videos with your child on how to use the internet safely. 

Learning Packs

Spring Term Week 2

Maths - don't forget to have some fun and apply these types of questions to everyday life so that your child becomes super competent and confident in using these skills! Cutting sandwiches, pizzas, sharing out items, pairing socks and similar activities will help embed their newly learnt maths skills smiley
English - Grammar and Punctuation - try to put these skills in to practice by writing factual accounts or stories. You could even write a diary! We would love to  see your stories -  email them to us and we can share them on the website smiley
English - Reading Comprehension. Read the account and then answer questions about it. The questions vary in the amount of challenge. Whenever you share books or hear your child read, asking them questions helps them to look and read for meaning and makes them more fluent and accomplished readers.
Science - Remember, exploring the garden, cooking, looking at how different materials in the house are suited for a particular purpose, growing plants and vegetables are all part of learning about science. Perhaps you and your child could make a fact file? Perhaps you could share with us any planting you may have done?

Spring Term Week 3 and 4

Books to  support various subject learning -click on the picture

Animal Habitats



Summer Term Learning Week 1

Summer Term Home Learning Week 2

From Monday 27th April you will be able to  access Letters and Sounds Phonics sessions. New content will be added daily and is suitable for a wide range of ability from  Reception to Year 2. Please click on  the banner below to  access the learning, click on on the PDF letter to find out more details.

Letters and Sounds(4) Number hunt.MOV

Summer Term Home Learning Week 3

Number Hunt

Number hunt.MOV

How to make 42

how to make 42.MOV

Addition exchange

Addition - Exchange.MOV

Addition Exchange part 2

Addition - Exchange part 2.MOV

Addition - checking with Dienes

Addition - checking with dienes.MOV

Using Dienes to add

using dienes to add.mp4


Addition.MOVKS1 maths addition.mp4

Summer Term Home Learning Week 4

maths - year 2 - bar model mp4

Summer Term Home Learning Week 5

KS1Y2-english-crayon-200518.mp4 Science .mp4 KS1 -Y2 Solving Word Problems-200518.mp4

Summer Term 2 Week 1

200106-KS1-The Day the Crayons Quit-Book Review.MP4200106-KS1-Science-Sinking or floating.MP4

Summer Term 2 Week 2

History - The seaside now and then

200608-KS-Y2-Subject-Seasides from the Past.mp4

Science - the ultimate egg drop challenge

200608-KS-Y2-Subject-The Ultimate Egg Drop Challenge.mp4

Maths - Telling the time to 5 minutes


Summer 2 week 3

Solving maths problems using the 2, 3 and 5 times tables

200615-KS1-Y2-Maths-using times tables to solve maths problems.mp4


200615-KS1-Year 2-Phonics.mp4

English - The Arctic Song

200615-KS1-Year1- English-Arctic Song.mp4

Summer Term 2 Week 3

Maths - Solving problems using addition and subtraction

200622-KS1-Y2-Maths-Solving Problems using addition and multiplication.mp4


Andy Goldsworthy Environmental Art.mp4Animal adaptations .mp4

Summer term 2 week 5

Art - please head over to ClassDojo for your art lesson on Henri Rousseau.

History - please head over to ClassDojo for your history lesson on Emmeline Pankhurst.

Summer Term 2 Week 6

200706-E-Safety.mp4Maths Two-Digit problem.mp4RE lesson Hindu creation story.mp4200706-KS1-Y2-PSHE-Silly Billy-Worries.mp4

Summer 2 Week 7

Maths - Domino Patterns

201307- KS1-Y2-Maths-Domino Patterns.mp4

History - Rosa Parks

201307-KS1-Y2-History-Rosa Parks.mp4

English - Writing a list poem

201307-KS1-Y2-English -To write a poem - Wizard's Hat.mp4

RE - Holi 

201307-KS1-Y2- RE The Holi Story.mp4

Oxford Owl - online books and activities

Oxford Owl - find a book library

Magic Keys online books

Authors read their books  on Oxford Owl

Love my Books - A brilliant resource of both fun and educational activities

Free audible books to  stream - also in multiple languages

Elevenses - Every day at 11am a new story will be released from David Walliams' 'World's Worst Children' 

Catch up on other audible books here.

Find activities here.


Letters and Sounds - Interactive activities for all Phases 

Phonicsplay - games to support phonics learning

Oxford Owl - Tips and activities on how to support your child with spelling 

Oxford Owl Phonics activities

Topmarks Phoinics games for 5-7 year olds​

Alphablocks Phonics


Cbeebies Numberblocks - Maths actitivies

Oxford Owl - Telling the Time

Oxford Owl - fun Maths games and acivities 

Topmarks - Maths activities for 3-5 year olds

Numberblocks - Interactive Maths activities 

White Rose Maths 5 maths lessons per year group, 5 more added weekly

iPhone  and iPad multiplication Apps

Timestables Rockstars - sign up for free

Numbots - sister site to  TT Rockstars for addition and subtraction - sign up for free

Regular and Irregular shapes explanation for parents

Fractions explanation for parents

Place Value explanation for parents

Mathletics- each child has been provided with their own log-in.

Brainbreak Activities

Active Kids Do Better

NHS UK - Live well, get active

Active Kids.Com 

Youtube - The Body Coach

Various subjects

Children can access Espresso at home. This is something we use at school which has lots of videos and activities. Follow the link and click login, selecting Espresso.

  • User name for Espresso: student16994
  • Password for Espresso: belvedere









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